New Accreditation Alert!!

New Accreditation Alert!!

New Accreditation Alert!!

Imerys Kaolin is pleased to announce it has recently gained FAMI-QS accreditation for its alumino-silicate, AgriBind TM. The certificate of conformity below was gained on the 16th of October 2017.

FAMI-QS Certificate IML v3 Expires 20201001


AgriBind is a naturally occurring alumino-silicate sold extensively into the animal feed industry, to have a favourable effect on the welfare of animals.

Alumino-silicate has long been used as a remedy to relieve digestive problems, but adding AgriBind TM to all feed is seen as a prevention rather than  therapy.


Published on: 14 Nov 2017


Product Spotlight


Supreme™ premium kaolin from IMERYS gives multiple benefits when used in decorative matt wall paints, functioning both as an opacifying extender and also as a rheology modifier.
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