Pulp Bleaching

Pulp bleaching is a necessary process for pulp and paper producers. This expensive procedure is long overdue for a more cost-effective solution.

EcoBright is that solution.

EcoBright: a sustainable bleaching technology for most pulp bleaching applications. Imerys & Nedmag have developed an unrivaled and sustainable pulp bleaching technology, now available to the European pulp & paper industry.

In addition to being environmentally-friendly, the technology delivers cost savings by ensuring optimized use of magnesium sulphate, caustic soda, silicate and/or hydrogen peroxide in the recipes. Multiple performance benefits can be achieved by using Ecobright in pulp bleaching. This includes higher brightness values, less COD/BOD burden (typically a reduction of 40% can be achieved), better pulp dewatering, and consequently higher yield and cleaner water circuits. Furthermore, Ecobright has a potential to significantly improve productivity of paper machines and pulp production lines by reducing downtime for process equipment cleaning.

While there are many choices in the modern pulp bleaching industry, only Imerys Kaolin is dedicated to providing our customers with a high quality product to address all of the different challenges pulp and paper producers face. No matter the application, let our innovative team help determine or create a solution specifically for you.

Ecobright sell sheet

EcoBright Sell Sheet

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