Imerys Kaolin is the global leader in kaolin and offers the most comprehensive range of kaolins for the paper industry, drawing upon reserves in Georgia (US), Capim (Brazil) and Cornwall (UK). From basic filler clays to engineered kaolins for coating, Imerys Kaolin continues to add value to paper.

Developed on the basis of our profound knowledge of our kaolin reserves and our processes, our products deliver all the properties required by our paper customers. This includes not only brightness, gloss, opacity and printability, but also excellent rheology, which help to optimize a papermaker’s manufacturing process. Combined with the great diversity of our products, this allows our teams to deliver tailor made solutions to our customers’ formulation needs.

Our kaolin portfolio is shaped by our fundamental understanding of the technical and commercial needs of the various paper markets, the multi-pigment approach, the deliberate use of ‘best fit’ reserves to minimize processing cost and years of efforts to improve energy and other resource efficiencies. It is combined with a unique service offering, combining technical support & training, and it is backed by a group level commitment to innovation and new product development – with R&D resources and infrastructure across two international Research Centers and two regional laboratories.

In a marketplace where high quality is taken for granted and low cost is the key driver, IMERYS Kaolin relies upon its understanding of pigments and multi-pigment formulation technology to offer the most cost-effective solutions for its customers in all of the paper markets.

Paper markets we serve:

  • Coated Mechanical (Groundwood) Papers
  • Coated Woodfree Papers
  • Uncoated Mechanical and Supercalendered Papers
  • Uncoated Woodfree Papers
  • Newsprint
  • Specialty Papers of all varieties

Look at the Product Finder section of this website to find the best kaolin products for your particular paper grade, or contact us at one of our regional offices.


Product Spotlight


Supreme™ premium kaolin from IMERYS gives multiple benefits when used in decorative matt wall paints, functioning both as an opacifying extender and also as a rheology modifier.
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