Opacilite™ – Durable titanium dioxide extender for high quality matt paints

Opacilite™ is the ideal titanium dioxide extender and opacifier for high quality matt paints.

Providing durability and exceptional opacity both above and below the CPVC of a coating, Opacilite™ is the first choice for TiO2 extension in high quality matt and silk paints.

Opacilite™ flash calcined kaolin offers:-

  • Titanium dioxide extension
  • Excellent wet opacity
  • Outstanding dry hiding
  • Durable
  • Effective above and below coating CPVC
  • For use in high quality matt and silk paints

Opacilite™ is a naturally-sourced mineral product allowing significant cost savings

The intrinsically sealed voids of the aggregated structure are optimised for maximum light scattering and give Opacilite™ its characteristic properties. Sealed rather than open voids result in better wet opacity, and allow dry hiding to occur even below the CPVC of the coating.

The high durability of Opacilite™ makes it particularly suitable for use in high quality paints.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Brightness (ISO)+ 10µm (%)- 2µm (%)Mean Particle Size (d50 µm)Oil Absorption (g/100g)Hegmann Value (µm)

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Opacilite™ - Durable TiO2 extender for high quality matt paints

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