Cost effective solutions to create product differentiation and value

As the world leader in industrial minerals, Imerys has a long established reputation for supplying innovative, high quality products for the coatings formulator. Now, more than ever, having value enhancing and cost effective solutions that meet your quality and performance requirements, whilst helping to differentiate your products, are key requirements for the next generation of coatings.

Imerys produces a wide variety of high performance hydrous and calcined kaolins. They are produced to the high quality that you would expect from the leading supplier and are backed by a wealth of coatings technical experience, helping you to get the best performance from your products.

OpaciliteTM – Opacifying Extender for High Performance Coatings

Whether you are looking for improved opacity and hiding power to give higher performance paints and allow the application of thinner films whilst maintaining coating performance, or trying to reduce titanium dioxide levels, Imerys’ experience with opacifying extenders can help.

Opacilite™, Europe’s leading flash calcined china clay, provides the paint formulator with a tool to reduce TiO2 by up to 30% when replacing conventional minerals. The discrete, sealed voids within the clay particle provide light scattering without increasing film porosity. Suitable for use over a wide range of pvcs, Opacilite provides opacity for silk and semigloss paints through to high quality matt coatings. When used in “Eco-friendly” coatings Opacilite enables the formulator to reduce their carbon footprint through the partial replacement of TiO2 and helps to retain the high performances demanded by today’s consumers.

SupremeTM and SpeswhiteTM – Functional Kaolins for Premium Paints

Produced from Imerys’ high quality, primary kaolin feeds in Cornwall, Supreme™ and Speswhite™ china clays have been designed to give the paint formulator maximum flexibility in the production of coatings of the highest performance. These fine particle size clays help to reduce the crowding of TiO2 in matt and silk paints improving the scattering performance and increasing opacity.

In addition to helping with the efficient use of TiO2, the primary clays also introduce a degree of thixotropy to the coating, giving excellent in-can stability and improved application properties such as reduced paint spatter and increased sag resistance. The structure and make-up of Imerys’ functional kaolins make them ideal for use in modern water based paints where their platy nature and surface charge allow them to disperse easily and yet maintain a high degree of stability and anti-settling in the finished coating.

Comparison of Extenders in Semi-Gloss Emulsion

ImerCureTM – Performance Additives for UV Coatings

Functional minerals are widely used in the coatings industry to improve physical properties and to reduce cost. However, these benefits are largely denied to manufacturers of clear, UV-cured coatings. Imerys has developed the unique properties of  ImerCure™ X10 to make it one of the few materials that can be used in clear coats as an additive to improve mechanical properties such as modulus, strength and hardness without compromising other aspects of the film such as clarity, haze and scratch resistance.

Thanks to its specific particle size and shape distribution, ImerCure™ X10 also contributes to matting control, reducing gloss level as a function of concentration, without impacting the macro surface smoothness of the film. By the partial replacement of expensive UV-curable resin with ImerCure™ X10, formulators can achieve significant cost savings without sacrificing coating performance.

Enhance Film Hardness

With access to long-term resources throughout the world, Imerys can provide suitable products for a wide variety of end uses, from fine particle size, high performance micas for decorative and industrial use, through to more specialised, larger particle sized micas for plasters and speciality coatings giving textured finishes and novel optical effects.

For more information on our existing product portfolio and on potential new developments for the coatings and inks markets, please contact us.

Product Spotlight


Supreme™ premium kaolin from IMERYS gives multiple benefits when used in decorative matt wall paints, functioning both as an opacifying extender and also as a rheology modifier.
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