Imerys Kaolin Operations

Imerys Kaolin is a division of Imerys and the world leader in kaolin production.

With hundreds of years’ experience in the minerals business, we offer customers engineered solutions derived from our portfolio of kaolin and calcined kaolins.

We refine and engineer these minerals through various—often proprietary—processes that influence their size, shape, structure and surface chemistry to obtain the exact properties our customers require.

Each year, we process hundreds of thousands of tons of materials to the highest standards of quality, consistency, sustainability and reliability.

In-depth industry expertise with a continuous focus on research & development, highly flexible supply chain and logistics, global technical support and responsible corporate citizenship make Imerys Kaolin an outstanding, reliable partner to the customers that we serve.

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Europe America Asia
Close Deep Step Road, USA Sandersville, USA Savannah, USA Duluth, USA Barcarena, Brazil
Close Cornwall, UK Cornwall & Devon, UK Kaolin de Bretagne, France Antwerp, Belgium Lixhe, Belgium Gävle, Sweden Sunila, Finland Falkenberg, Sweden
Close Pittong, Australia Singapore

Product Spotlight


Supreme™ premium kaolin from IMERYS gives multiple benefits when used in decorative matt wall paints, functioning both as an opacifying extender and also as a rheology modifier.
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