5 Surprising Facts about… Paint

5 Surprising Facts about… Paint

5 Surprising Facts about… Paint

1) The oldest use of paint was around 30,000 BC

The first interior figurative painting in Europe was done around 32,000 years ago in what is now France by prehistoric cave dwellers. They employed stencils in some of the work and even spray-painted by blowing paint through hollow bird bones.

The materials that the cave ancestors used were:

  • pastes of natural iron  & magnesium oxides- ground with crude pestles & mortars, mixed with water
  • egg white, animal fat or bone marrow binders
  • black, red & yellow pallet.

Credit: Paint Quality Institute


2) Colours affect our everyday lives

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by colours. These colours surprisingly have a large impact on our everyday lives. They can make us happy, sad and so on depending on how we perceive the colour. When you next redecorate your house, keep this in mind.

Red: Powerful, assertive, anger, love, passion

Blue: Smart, calm, trust, stable

Green: Natural, restful, jealously, eco-friendly

Yellow: Warm, energy, optimism, fresh

Credit: Sabine Luecke (Imerys Kaolin Sales Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Image: Colour Psychology


3) Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to use protective coatings

Research has found that, as long ago as 600 BC, Ancient Romans and Greeks protected and preserved surfaces using coatings. Varnishes incorporating drying oils were introduced during this period, but it was not until the Middle Ages that Europe discovered this advanced function of pigments.

Today platy minerals, particularly kaolin, are added to improve the performance of protective coatings on wood, metal and other surfaces. Imerys Kaolin offers a full range of coating products for wood and metal, in addition to its specialist kaolin for UV-curing systems, ImerCureTM X10.

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Credit: Paint and Surface Coatings: Theory and Practice by R Lambourne, T A Strivens


4) There are 5 powerful ways to improve paint formulations.

Formulated into Paint, fine kaolin such as Supreme™ can act as a functional extender of TiO2, reducing formulation cost and improving rheology.

Coarser kaolins, Polwhite™ B & Polwhite™ E do not offer so much potential to extend TiO2 but do enhance the dry film properties of primers and undercoats.

OpaciliteTM is the most advanced TiO2 extender allowing replacement of up to 30% of TiO2 in a formulation.

While Polsperse™ 10 and OptiGloss™ XD offers paint makers the possibility to extend TiO2 in solvent based gloss paints processed using high speed dissolvers rather than bead mills traditionally associated with this type of paint – cutting processing time and increasing efficiency.

For more information on how Imerys Kaolin can improve your paint formulation click here or email kaolin.emea@imerys.com to speak to a technical paint expert.


 5) 50 Shades of White

White is one of the most popular decorative paint colours; and with such high demand, paint manufacturers now offer whole ranges of white and off-whites. However, with a palette of over 50 shades that differ from warmer tones to cooler ones, finding the perfect white pantone colour can be a little overwhelming.

Click here to check out the Pantone Colour Finder tool on their website.

Pantone Swatch cards. Image: Pantone


Published on: 4 Dec 2017

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