5 Surprising Facts about … Imerys Kaolin (UKP)

5 Surprising Facts about … Imerys Kaolin (UKP)

5 Surprising Facts about … Imerys Kaolin (UKP)

1) Home to ‘Clay Country’

The Imerys Kaolin UK Platform is located in St. Austell, Cornwall and rightfully made its name as ‘Clay Country’ when, in 1910, it alone supplied 50% of kaolin production worldwide.  The industry was the powerhouse of the local area and built railway infrastructures like Fowey Rail Station (pictured below). In 1988, 10% of the population of St. Austell worked in the Clay Industry. Today, much of the area is still used for the clay industry however; the railway station is closed after nationalisation in the 1960s.

Fowey 2nd January 1965 Copyright Sid Sponheimer


2) Unlike any other, unique in every way

Imerys Kaolin mines kaolin from extensive naturally occurring reserves that have a unique geology specific to UK deposits. It is this important factor that gives Imerys Kaolin its wide and balanced portfolio of kaolin products and enables us to deliver advanced solutions to our global customer base.

With over 100 products and engineered for over 20 key industrial markets, Imerys Kaolin has solutions that can offer performance enhancing properties and cost reductions. Find out if we have a product for your business here or email our Technical Service Team on kaolin.emea@imerys.com to let us help you find a specific solution for your business.

Littlejohn’s Pit, Imerys Kaolin UKP (Top) Kaolin Microscope Image (Bottom)



3) Lion ‘on the loose” – Suspicious sightings

In 2016, there were over 3 sightings of a ‘Lion-like’ cat reported on and near to Imerys Kaolin’s clay sites. Giant paw prints have been found and remains of decapitated deer left behind, however no hard evidence has proven the sightings. Could the ‘White Lion’ just be a myth?

Image credit: Michael Board


4) Lights, camera, action!

Host to numerous film crews, Imerys Kaolin has been the select location for many photoshoots and films. The top list includes filming for Doctor Who, episode ‘A Colony in Space’ in 1971, and more recently a promotional shoot for the new Jaguar Landrover special edition Evoque model.

Images: (Top to bottom) Doctor Who episode filmed at Imerys Kaolin’s UK pits, and Jaguar Landrover photoshoot for latest model.


5) Green Power Generation

Imerys Kaolin (UKP) has a strong commitment to a greener future and has recently made significant investments in renewable energy installations across its redundant clay pits, mica dams and in surrounding land in the UK.

– 34MW capacity of installed renewable energy

– 10 renewable energy installations

– 4 Wind Turbines

– 5 Solar Parks

Using renewable electrical energy from three sites, Imerys Kaolin has reduced carbon emissions by – 3000 t/CO2. This is a 5% reduction.

Read the complete sustainable development brochure here

For enquiries and more information on Imerys Kaolin UKP please email Kaolin.emea@imerys.com

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