Imerys launches new branding…from Par Moor Centre (PMC) to Imerys Technology Center (ITC) 

To highlight and promote our global approach to innovation, a new logo and visual identity has been developed!

The new brand best reflects our main purpose, what we believe in and where we are headed. The logo and strapline ‘Engine for Growth’ is a reflection of how innovation is at the heat of Imerys’ ambition and growth.

This new Innovation identity establishes ‘Innovation Gold’ as the key colour, clearly highlighting our fundamental purpose as the ‘Engine for Growth’. The ‘Innovation Globe’ with its faceted surface, representing Imerys’ world of minerals, breadth of expertise.

As a company, we have evolved and believe it was time our brand gets a new face. The Innovation group is composed of three pillars: Science & Technology, Business Innovation and Technology platform.

Thierry Materne – Chief Innovation Officer at Imerys, explains the importance of the centers for Imerys’ future:  “Our ITCs will be the home of our innovation clusters, as the teams shift from a tradition research and development approach to focusing on technology and developing scientific solutions for new markets”

This new identity marks a new chapter in our ongoing mission to better meet customers’ needs and develop relevant projects and products linked to worldwide market trends.

Pictured from right to left:

Philippe Bourg (VP & GM Minerals for Ceramics), Ashley Shopland (General Manager UK Platform), Frederic Beucher (Group Executive Vice President), Deeba Ansari (R&D Director for Kaolin Europe), Jeremy Hooper (Global Analytical & Infrastructure Director), Tony Asbridge (Commercial, Marketing & Product Development Director) and Yvonne Lister (Facilities Manager)