Fish tank

AkuaPro™ natural mineral powder has been developed in response to the growing need from the Aquaculture industry for a natural, eco-friendly treatment to prevent or reduce Columnaris disease in fish farms. AkuaPro™ works best as a prophylactic treatment that is added to fish farm vats before the onset of Columnaris disease. Results show that it reduces the bacterial attachment to fish tissue and gills and reduces the occurrence of Columnaris.

A Columnaris challenge study was completed by the USDA National Aquaculture Research Center in Stuttgart, AR to evaluate the efficacy of AkuaPro™ for reducing the onset of Columnaris disease. AkuaPro™ powder was added to a fish vat with water contaminated by Columnaris. The dosage was 1 g/L. Compared to a control vat with no treatment added, the AkuaPro vat showed a fish mortality rate of 2% compared to the control vat at 15%.

Imerys also worked with the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, and local Arkansas commercial fish farms who treated vats of fish with AkuaPro™ as a prophylactic treatment. Samples of fish were brought to the UAPB Lonoke Fish Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. Gills, fins, and tissues of treated and non-treated fish were examined for the presence of Columnaris, both before and after treatment. Histology data suggested that fish treated with AkuaPro during the feed habituation, and during holding periods prior to sale, had less incidences where the Columnaris disease was present.

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