Durable titanium dioxide extender for high quality matt paints

  • Up to 20% titanium dioxide extension
  • Outstanding dry hiding
  • Effective above and below coating CPVC
  • Excellent paint film opacity
  • For use in high quality matt and silk paints

SupremeTM is the ideal opacifier for high quality decorative paints.

Providing durability and exceptional opacity both above and below the CPVC of a coating, SupremeTM is the first choice for TiO2 extension in high quality matt and silk paints.

SupremeTM is a naturally-sourced kaolin allowing significant cost savings.

The intrinsically sealed voids in SupremeTM are completely resistant to penetration by resins, solvents or water in the liquid paint. Consequently, these voids contribute to the wet film opacity of the paint. The aggregated structure is optimised for maximum light scattering and gives SupremeTM its characteristic properties.

SupremeTM strongly reduces gloss and the matting effect is due to its irregular particle shape, which induces micro-roughness at the film surface. It is ideal for paints below CPVC where gloss is not required, such as satin finishes and exterior wall paints.

Above CPVC it gives much higher opacity than conventional calcined clay due to the combined effect of the internal and external voids.

One of the key attributes of SupremeTM is its effect on scrub resistance. Mineral extenders usually rely on a high binder absorption to give increased dry film opacity (dry hiding), but the higher binder absorption has a detrimental effect of scrub resistance. SupremeTM is difference because the internal voids, which provide opacity, do not absorb binder. Additionally, calcined clay particles are relatively hard and contribute to the abrasion resistance of the dry film.

Offers good UV weathering performance compared to other extenders

Opacilite™ - Durable TiO2 extender for high quality matt paints

Product Spotlight


Supreme™ premium kaolin from IMERYS gives multiple benefits when used in decorative matt wall paints, functioning both as an opacifying extender and also as a rheology modifier.
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