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Technical Guides

Pigment & Coating Colour Preparation
Filler Concepts for Linerboard
Pigment Effects on Coating Strength
E-Type – Plates in the Extreme
Pigments for Matt Coating
Formulation Effects in LWC Offset
Coatings for Offset Lithography
Fillers for Newsprint
Capim™ Kaolin Applications
Topcoat Formulation Development
Advanced Rheology
Effect of Fillers on LWC
Print Mottle
Metered Size Press Coating
Flexographic Printing
Carboflex Coating Concepts
Film Press Pigmented Sizing
New Concepts for Barrier Coatings
Advance Rheology
Calcined Clay in LWC
Capim DG Applications
Carboflex Coating Concepts

Technical Papers

Recent Trends in Coating Pigment Use and Formulation Practice in Asia and Western Markets
2013, Tappi Japan 2013
Chris Nutbeem
Pigment Concepts for Multilayer Board Applications
2011, TAPPI Japan
Chris Nutbeem , Tony Hiorns and Etsuya Misawa*
Impact of Pigment Blend and Binder Level on the Structure and Printability of Coated Papers
January 2011, PaperCon
Chris Nutbeem, Benny Hallam and Tony Hiorns
Optimised Precoats for Multilayer Coating
2011, Presented at TAPPI 2011
Chris Nutbeem, Benny Hallam and Tony Hiorns
Can starch be used in topcoating?
October 2010, Presented at TAPPI Advanced Coating Fundamentals Symposium, Munich, October 2010
Dr Anthony Hiorns
Using thin-crystal engineered kaolins to enhance mechanical properties of coatings
September 2010, 2010 TAPPI International Conference on Nanotechnology for the Forest Products Industry",
Espoo, Finland
Structural optimization for broadband scattering in several ultra-thin white beetle scales
August 2010 / Vol. 49, No. 22 / APPLIED OPTICS
Stephen M. Luke, Benny T. Hallam and Peter Vukusic
Mineral filler solutions for cost and quality enhancement in graphic papers
PTS 2010
Per Svending, Chris Nutbeem & Ian Elliott
The Influence of Kaolin Aspect Ratio on Offset Printability
TAPPI PaperCon - 2010
Chris Nutbeem, Janet Preston, Anthony Hiorns & John Husband
Functional Precoats for Multilayer Coating
Asian PaperCon 2010
Chris Nutbeem & Benny Hallam
A study of in-plane and z-direction strength of coating layers with varying latex content
TAPPI Journal Dec 2007 p10 - 16
J.C. Husband, J.S. Preston, L.F. Gate, A. Storer and P. Creaton
An end to overcrowding - Hydrous kaolin optimises paint opacity by improving TiO2 spacing
David Stewart

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