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Imerys Kaolin is a supplier of high quality Kaolin's to the building and construction industry throughout the world.

Metakaolin is manufactured by the calcination of kaolin to form an amorphous pozzolanic white mineral additive for use in cement based products.

The pozzolanic reactivity of Metakaolin is its ability to react with calcium hydroxide in cement based products.

Metakaolin in Concrete

Metakaolin reduces the porosity of concrete, a feature that can allow a reduction in the “cover” of concrete needed to protect reinforcing bars from corrosion. Road and marine structures exposed to corrosive salts are good examples where Imerys Metakaolin can be used to advantage

Where high strength concrete is required, Imerys Metakaolins increase cured compressive strength of concrete and also speed up curing and early strength development. This makes Imerys Metakaolins suitable for use in applications where high strength is required quickly, such as airport aprons.

Efflorescence is a common problem affecting concrete, caused by lime salts forming calcium carbonate on the surface of the concrete. Imerys Metakaolins can reduce efflorescence by reducing the porosity of the concrete and reacting with the lime salts before they reach the concrete surface.

Metakaolin can also be used to modify the handling properties of wet concrete, particularly benefiting the viscosity profile and reducing the tendency to bleed, making leveling and achieving a good surface finish easier.


Metakaolin for Concrete Applications

MetaStar® 501 is a premium pozzolanic metakaolin produced by very carefully controlled calcination. When used in Portland cement-based concrete, plaster, and mortar, MetaStar 501 can provide improved strength, durability, workability and plaster finish.

MetaStar 501 is a metakaolin pozzolanic additive that:

Improves strength, durability, and workability of Portland cement concrete

Makes Portland cement easier to apply

Provides smoother finish

Has bright white color for white and color plasters

Reduces permeability, efflorescence and cracking

Reduces the porosity of hardened concrete

Contains no undesirable impurities, such as carbon or sulphur, which could affect the curing rate or strength of the final PC product

Readily disperses in cement-based systems

Is safe and easy to handle

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